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CHARACTER NAME: Riku Replica/Repliku


Backtagging: Yep, as long as I can still get my brain into what’s going on in the post/thread
Threadhopping: Give me a heads up first, then you’re good
Fourthwalling: Sure
Offensive subjects (elaborate):


Hugging this character: If you’re a friend, he’ll probably accept it, but is very likely to call you a sap. If you’re a stranger, you’ll probably get pushed away (or he’ll attempt to push you away) and he’ll be confused. Feel free to hug!
Kissing this character: Same as above only with more violent shoving for strangers and possibly yelling.
Flirting with this character: Feel free! He’s bad at that kind of stuff though, so he’ll likely get flustered and angry, especially if someone points it out.
Fighting with this character: Yes please! Fighting is kind of what he was made to do and he will fight until the death if given the chance.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Up to and including broken bones is fine, anything more than that please discuss with me. No vivisection or severe facial injuries please.
Killing this character: He’s...already dead? Nah, just ask me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He doesn’t really have any mental blocks against stuff like that, so he’s free game for mindreading! Be warned that besides the memory loss that comes from becoming a Shinki, he’s previously had his memories heavily tampered with and it’s not entirely clear which ones are real and which ones are implanted, if they’re discovered.

Warnings: None that I can think of?
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CHARACTER: Riku Replica
CANON: Kingdom Hearts
VESSEL NAME: Okaki (陸)
VESSEL FORM: Deck of playing cards (54 count, includes Jokers)
POWER: Darkness Manipulation, with a heavier focus on offensive applications

Applications outside of vessel form are armor made of darkness, a dark ‘aura’ that boosts power slightly, throwable darkness ‘fireballs’, a darkness 'blade', shield of darkness, and limited dark portal creation. In addition to these, his god is also able to heal himself using darkness, darken the surrounding area, and create/command shadow constructs while wielding Repliku.

Effects are dependent on the face value of the card(s) drawn. Number cards (2-10) correspond to attacks, the higher the number the stronger the attack. Face cards (Jack/Queen/King) are defensive. Aces are healing cards and Jokers are wild.

Effects do stack; e.g. several 10 cards 'played' at once will be stronger than a single 10. Special 'combos' (i.e. full house, three-of-a-kind, etc.) don't do anything special
GOD: Baldr
CAUSE OF DEATH: Exhausted in battle against real Riku

IC Inbox

Jun. 13th, 2026 07:47 pm
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[Content coming soon]


Feb. 3rd, 2025 10:49 pm
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"This is Evan. You missed me, so leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can."


Apr. 27th, 2022 12:53 am
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On hand: Torchic, Noctowl, Rapidash, Zoroark, Nidorino, Charizard, Gliscor, Houndoom, Haunter, Marill, Growlithe


To add: N/A
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[Good morning Pokéworld residents. Do you like eggs? Or random questions that don't involve a 16-year-old kid yelling at small birds?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you'll probably not hate this audio post. Not video, because it is morning and he just woke up and his hair is doing a great impersonation of a frightened cat.]

First of all, does anyone know how much it costs to rent a house? Because I think I could just about afford one with all the time I've been spending in hotels lately.

Second, apparently a couple of my team got uh...friendly with each other and I have a bunch of eggs I need to get rid of. Depending on who you are, I might cut you a deal on something, but don't expect anything.

[He shuts it off there.

About half an hour later is attached a text document with a list of the types of eggs and their move sets. The Nidoran section is labeled "Nidoran ? x 3" followed by the price.]
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[The audio is switched on a few seconds before the video is, so it starts with a lot of rustling sounds as Evan attempts to get his 'Gear out of his pack.]

Ah come on, what are you stuck on now? The one time she does something in--got it!

[As soon as the video is stabilized, it shows a Torchic and a Rattata currently...well, you could call it 'battling', but it seems more like the bird is being chased around the small clearing.]

C'mon, you're supposed to evolve already. Just...use Ember or something and finish it off...STOP RUNNING.

[And then the 'Gear is turned towards Evan.]

She's still afraid to fight other Pokémon...if they fight back, it's even worse. How do I make her get over it?
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[Hello again, Pokéworld. You've probably seen this face before, because it's identical to another face currently residing in the world, but it's not the same person. Said face looks slightly irritated.]

Geez, I leave for an hour and someone steals all my stuff...all my money, my clothes, my bracelet! My whole team's been replaced with the most useless bird besides a Pidgey. And my badges. I don't want to deal with Whitney again!

[He pauses his rant to run a hand through his hair, not to calm himself, but just to give him something to do with his hands while he takes a breath.]

...I've heard that people who leave...their Pokémon sometimes end up with other people. Did anyone get Nami or Spike? Pyre? Ri? I'll even take Aura if he's still around.

[He ends the feed there. He's in an inn room in Cherrygrove if anyone wants to bother him in person, but he's mostly waiting for responses from the Gear.]
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[Hello Pokéworld, if you haven't seen the interior of a Blackthorn in room, you'll get a chance to if you're watching this video feed. It's a bit shaky at first, but steadies quickly enough, showing a bed strewn with a backpack and some of its contents--a couple notebooks, a handful of pens, and some articles of clothing. Some mumbling can be heard off camera as the Gear's view is moved from the bed, followed by an excited Jigg~ly from below.

Evan's nowhere to be seen, but after a few minutes of nothing aside from the Jigglypuff attempting to pull the Gear down to her, he can be heard, apparently in the middle of a rant.]

--the caves while you're in the area! Tch, last time I ever do that. Some people in this world are completely nut--what are you two doing over there?

[Things are moving again, and then Evan's face is peering at the screen, angry surrounded by damp hair.]

Seriously?! I'm gonna figure out how to Pokémon-proof this thing or something...

[And then he's shutting off the recording.]
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[It's mid-morning, and this video is taking place inside a room at an inn in Ecruteak. The video shows the latter, or part of it--a bed with rumpled covers and a wall, at least, before moving to suddenly show a small pile of eggs. A recently-hatched Absol and a slightly older Meowth are nearby, the Meowth occasionally reaching out to paw at the eggs.]

Man, I wish more of these things could talk, and warn me when they're going to get all friendly with each other.

[He's thinking out loud, but doesn't particularly care if anyone hears him. He turned the video on on purpose, after all. The next part is directed at the network.]

If anyone's interested, I've got some eggs for sale. There's some Hoothoot, Ponyta, Houndour, Gastly--still not sure how a ghost can come out of an egg--uh, Frillish, I think...a Gligar, and a couple the Gear thinks are Nidoran eggs. There's a Pidgey egg too, but if you want that one, it's free.

I can talk, what about me?

I meant everyone else.

[Evan shuts the recording off, just as a (disguised) Zoroark attempts to steal the Gear from him.

Attached a minute later is a list, though it's just of the Pokémon and their moves.]
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[This network post starts with just audio, and mostly some shuffling sounds and a dull thunk, as well as Rep's voice.]

Hey, be careful with that, don't lose it.

[The video comes on a few seconds later, showing Rep peering down at the screen, his hair hanging around his face. One of his hands is clutched into a fist.]

Got it now. Check it out, I got some more badges!

[He opens the fist, showing off a Hive badge and a Plain badge to the camera, looking and sounding immensely proud of himself.]

Got kicked out of Whitney's gym...for the second time. Her bodyguards probably know my face by now, so I probably won't be able to go back. Or maybe they'll let me back in if I leave Aura behind...

Do all the girl gym leaders cry when you beat them? 'Cause I'm going to avoid their gyms if that's going to happen every time.

[He starts to switch off the recording, but then stops.]

Not related to crybaby gym leaders, but I'm looking for a Volcarona and...whatever Torchic evolves into for...breeding purposes. I'll...pay you, I suppose, if anyone can lend one of those two to me for awhile.

[And then he does shut it off.]
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[Instead of the usual accidental post, this post is intentional, and much steadier than many of Repliku's other postings. The video comes on to show mostly his face, grinning at the camera.]

I dunno what happened, but this is pretty awesome!

[He moves back, moving far enough back that the camera is catching most of him. He's dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, but a couple seconds later, he's briefly enveloped in a black-blue aura and his outfit changes to this.]

I thought I'd never be able to do this kinda stuff again. Riku, are you watching this? Check it out, I'm back to full power now.

[By the way, you might recognize some of the buildings in the background. He's in Goldenrod, basically in the middle of the most deserted part of the street he could locate in the chaos.]
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[Perhaps it says something about how easy it is to push Repliku's buttons. Or perhaps he just needs to discipline his team better. Either way, this video clicks on to show the interior of a dressing room, while faint snickering can be heard off camera. A bit boring for a few seconds...]

--ra? You better not have wandered off again...

[...Then one of the doors open and Repliku pokes his head out, glancing around before he notices he's being filmed.]


[There's a couple seconds of shirtless teenager before the 'Gear is wrestled from whoever is filming and shut off.]

[It comes back on about fifteen minutes later, showing just a grouchy-looking Repliku (and if you're paying attention, someone who looks like Sasuke Uchiha a bit behind him).]

Don't train Zoroarks, they're nothing but trouble. Also, is it normal to wake up and find your clothes suddenly too small? I had to buy a bunch of new pants...
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[Today, the subject of this video is a very confused and somewhat irritated Evan. He woke up less than an hour ago, and his room was carpeted in eggs. Pretty much literally. He was expecting a batch of them, but he was not expecting more than fifty.

That's the only thing that the video shows, the carpet of eggs. Evan's voice is coming from off-camera.]

There are eggs all over the floor and I don't even know what half of these are even supposed to be. Tch.

[And then the video shuts off.]

[The second video comes on an hour later, and shows two piles of eggs, one slightly bigger than the other. There's an open notepad balanced on a couple of them, and you might be able to read what's written on the page--if you could read Evan's handwriting, that is.]

There's no way I'm taking care of all of these, so I'm selling them to whoever's interested. The smaller batch is Tenten's, and I'm attaching both of our price and movelists. Ask her about buying her eggs.

[That notebook stays sitting there, long enough for the text to be easily read, before it's snapped up into the air and a certain ninja-lacking-her-forehead-protector drops into view, obviously proud of herself.]

Evan's not here right now, but fortunately for him, he has a cute secretary to take his calls. And sell his things.

[She offers the camera a quick wink and a grin -- eggs!]

Attachment: Evanslist.txt
Attachment: Tentenslist.txt

(OoC: Replies will come from both Repliku and Tenten. If you're contacting Tenten's Gear specifically, please say so in the subject line.)
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[Action--anyone in the area]

[It's early evening in Olivine, and this guy is down at the beach, armed with a net, several Pokéballs, and some members of his team that aren't fire-typed or on his bad side. Which is Aura, Pink Thing, Victory, and a yet unnamed Buneary. It's actually a hilarious sight to see, because Victory seems to be the only one listening to any commands he gives, because Aura is attempting to swim, Pink Thing is doing a great impersonation of a buoy, and the Buneary keeps running away from the waves. So Rep is attempting to net something himself, without falling in the water.

It's sort of working. In that he's caught and released several hundred Magikarp by himself.]

[Audio, slightly later]

Is it possible to catch something that's not a fish or...something with tentacles from the beach? I've heard the fish are pretty useless and I have enough useless things to take care of.
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[G'morning, everyone! Hope whoever's watching this doesn't mind some shaky video. It doesn't start off that way--the camera's pointed towards Rep's panicked face first, then up to the sky, then back to his face.]

This thing just hatched a few days ago, and--

[He moves the gear's camera again to catch a baby Aerodactyl flying in small circles above him.]

--and I have no idea how to train it, since it won't listen to me at a--aagh!

[The camera swings wildly, catching a flash of grey and several crashes just off-camera. Someone's used Rock Slide on his trainer, but either aimed poorly or just missed. When the video settles, it's showing the resulting pile of rocks, a Jigglypuff wandering into the frame to check them out. Off-camera are a Noctowl attempting to 'talk' to the Aerodactyl and a Houndoom.]

...I'd like to get him back in his ball, at least.
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First of all, before anyone gets on my case about the text, it's not my fault, it's stuck like this.

but I'll make this short because I can't stand to look at it myself. Does anyone have an hm02 I can borrow?

And has anyone in Goldenrod right now seen Obito? He and his cousin were on the train with me, but he ran off somewhere after we got here.

(Ooc - [Translation: First of all, before anyone gets on my case about the text, it's not my fault, it's stuck like this.

but I'll make this short because I can't stand to look at it myself. Does anyone have an hm02 I can borrow?

And has anyone seen Obito? He and his cousin were on the train with me, but he ran off somewhere after we got here.]

Repliku's video and audio functions are currently disabled, though he can receive replies in audio and video. He'll just respond in text.)
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[It's late morning, and this video feed begins with a shaky recording and a lot of background noise. Specifically, Pokémon background noise, and then a black paw obscures the screen, followed by a growl and a whine.]

Watch your feet, you'll step on it!

Don't drop it then!

Shush guys, you'll wake him up!

[A soft hooting joins the conversation for those who can't understand the Pokéspeak, and the video suddenly swings upward before tilting to show a bed with a sleeping Repliku in it. Which would be far less interesting if his face and exposed arm weren't covered in various doodles. Someone's been busy. The hooting starts again, soon joined by a loud bark, and the video shakes when Repliku rolls over in his sleep.]

One of the spooks got bored and--Sora!

He kicked me!

[OoC: Purple text is a Nidorino, brown is a Houndour, and tan is a Noctowl. The Noctowl will probably respond to any Pokémon who respond to the video.)
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[This guy's been fairly silent on the network lately, partly due to traveling, partly due to work and training his team. The latter of which he's currently out doing at at the moment, dressed (semi-)properly for the weather, in a heavier coat this time.

He's facing away from the video when the feed comes on, showing this is an accidental recording. His Gear is in his backpack, which is hanging from a tree behind him. Just beyond him, a Pidgey and a male Nidoran can be seen fighting, the latter trying to keep the former from flying away by pinning its tail.]

C'mon, you've fought these things before, you can beat this one!

[Considering the Nidoran is 4 levels stronger than the Pidgey is. He pulls a Pokéball from his pocket.]

Just let me catch it this time.


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